Thursday, 8 September 2022

Rest in Peace

She swore to serve us for her entire life, and she has been The Queen for my entire life.

I knew it was coming but I am stopped in my tracks - slightly surprised at how shocked, numb and bereft I feel.

We will not see the likes of her again - honour, dignity, grace, integrity - values which don’t seem to count for so much these days.

Amidst all the media coverage and public outpourings it must not be forgotten that her children, her grand-children, and their children too have lost someone very dear.

Rest in Peace, your Majesty.


  1. The simplest of posts and the simplest of pictures. However, they say everything.

  2. Perfectly put Jayne.

    King Charles has quite an act to follow hasn't he, but I really do think that he will do it very well. He has served a long and very thorough apprenticeship and has mellowed nicely in both his opinions and his years. He will also be very well received by the Commonwealth and the rest of the world and therefore will be good for our country.

    1. Thanks Sue, I wish him every success, he deserves it and like you I believe he is worthy of it.

  3. It still doesn't seem real, does it. It's hard to imagine someone else on the throne when one person has been there your entire life.

    1. Sorry Jo, Blogger put your comment where it did not belong! But you are absolutely right, even three weeks on I still get surprised when I hear "King Charles". Good luck to the poor chap, the way the world is at present I think he is going need all he can get.


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