Tuesday 19 December 2023

Oh, I needed that

A break in the clouds, the only one we are forecast to get all week. I knew it would be so good for me to make the effort and get outside. Even so, I nearly managed to talk myself out of it and turn the sewing machine on instead.

But I kicked myself hard up the bottom and took Blue Bus out rationalising that I could just park up, make a mug of tea, turn around and go home . . . but I am so glad I did not.

Surprisingly cold, not nearly as sunny as I had hoped (the weather forecast was wrong, quélle surprise) but just lovely to be outside. Not even two miles BUT it was still more than I walked on a forest path yesterday, so that's brilliant.

And any day I get to see and smell gorse is a good one.

Back at Blue Bus I had my lunch with me but postponed it in favour of a cuppa and a few minutes with my book thinking how lucky I am, how lovely it was to be warm, dry, comfortable and surrounded by trees and (near) silence.

I have struggled to return to Whinlatter on my own, but today by making a deliberate decision to go to a different part of the forest I had a lovely time and am actually looking forward to going back again.

Having now seen the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday (40 - 50mph wind) I am rather pleased I extracted the digit.


  1. Good for you! Funnily enough, I really dislike the smell of gorse! Glad you had that outing, it's good to be able to do little things that please us isn't it.

  2. What magnificent views! I'm glad you took your chances and got out. The weather's looking very dodgy for the northern half of the country tomorrow - not sure whether that applies to us or not - I'm keen to visit a NT place before they get overrun with kids! xxx

  3. Go you! I understand how difficult it can be to walk these paths alone. Xx

  4. Blue Bus just sets off any setting that she is parked in ... you just have to keep her sparkling clean. My old grey Fiat would not look so glamourous parked in the forest. I love this 'I am rather pleased I extracted the digit.' :-)

  5. How lovely to be surrounded by Nature in your cosy, safe home on wheels! I wish you happy travelling in 2024. Betty

  6. Glad you got out. I dislike being outside in the rain. Nice you got a little break in those clouds.

  7. Have you given up on your blog? I only ask because I have had to give up my car because of deteriorating eyesight (Macular Degeneration) so have to see all the beautiful scenery that I'm unable to visit any more from various blogs of campervanners, etc. I had a lovely afternoon on Tuesday when visiting family drove from their holidy digs in Bude to take me out - meal, drink and walk at Seaton plus the bonus of seeing the prolific Primroses along the lanes. Get the most out of your Blue Bus while you can . . . .


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