Saturday 6 April 2024

Somewhat unexpected

It was inevitable - I dug out one of the Bushnell wildlife cameras and set it up at the edge of the Big Pond. This is what it was meant to capture:

However, THIS is what I got:

The date and time are correct, in American format, so 'someone' had a very nice breakfast at four o'clock this morning.

I have not worked out why there are no pictures of regular visits yesterday afternoon. I need a Plan B.


  1. I remember putting our cameras out on the edge of our woodland when we first moved to Wales, we expected to get lots of wildlife action shots ... all we got were a couple of very camera friendly bunnies.

    1. Thanks Sue, I know what you mean about 'camera friendly bunnies' - I used to get lots of pictures of Daisy's tongue! For some reason she often felt the need to lick the camera . . .

  2. Jon's keen on setting up a wildlife camera to investigate the goings-on in the huge hole that's appeared in my stumpery, we're pretty sure its the Fox Family but it's massive. Typically, after spotting them in charity shops every week when you actually want a wildlife camera there aren't any! xxx

    1. Oh, I do hope you find a camera soon - the results can be fascinating, (and also unsettling - the heron have buggered off since the camera was installed but there were more than a few pictures of me doing some weeding over the weekend - aaargh: "do I really look like ~that~ when I am gardening?").


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